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Check out the club’s official VLOG on what’s in, what’s out and what’s the story behind those damn bovines.


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The Tygerberg MTB club network spans more than 182km across the farms of Bloemendal, Contermanskloof, Meerendal, Faircape, Hoogekraal and Meerendal.  Members only corridors traverse many more farms that allow members access to the network from several convenient access points.

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  • Group logo of Slow Coach

    Slow Coach

    Public Group / 113 members

    active a week ago

    The home of the ”beginner mountain biker”. Basic rules for social riding apply – we start together, we finish together. Everyone is welcome to join, but focus is on newbie riders.

    Use this group to find […]

    Public Group
  • Group logo of Bloemendal Trail Park

    Bloemendal Trail Park

    Public Group / 85 members

    active a week ago

    Everything about Bloemendal Trail Park! Come ride and run with us.

    Public Group
  • Group logo of Reeds Night Rides

    Reeds Night Rides

    Public Group / 74 members

    active 4 weeks ago

    Everything you want to know about the Reeds Night Rides.

    Public Group

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All Trails are Closed!

Please stay off the trails due to damage and incoming rain.

Please Note!


Please note that all trails will be closed until further notice due to the latest heavy rains. We thank you for your understanding