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    It’s that time of the year when the weather’s perfect for a night ride. What’s your perfect light combination and suggestion of lights you’ve used?

  • I ride with a Ravemen PR1200, it comes with a remote button which I find very useful as you can change brightness without taking your hands off the handle bars. You obviously get other makes as well (Lezyne, for exampIe); I think they’re probably all good. I’d say you need at least 1000 lumens. I also take my Petzl (kopliggie) with me (if I remember) as a back-up, but I don’t ride with it. And a small cheap silicone ‘rear’ red light. That’s it.

    • I like that remote idea. Definitely safer than messing with a light switch while negotiating a trail in the dark.

  • I still have one of those original Magic Lights, which I would say is 10 years plus in age. Still works a charm, and note it is still original battery too. That said, I used if VERY little these days, but point is that in my experience a bullet proof light. Fortunate to be able to sneak in my rides during daytime now, so lights no longer needed (don’t hate the player now !!)

    • Those Magicshine lights are great. Still have mine as well.

  • Maybe it’s overkill, but I have 1600 lumens on the helmet to see where I’m looking and 3000 on the handlebars. When climbing both are on its lowest setting or just the helmet light is on, but when descending it’s max lumens. Extreme Lights have been keeping me lit for many years now with great after sales service.

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