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Reply To: When does the night rides start ?

Evening Bruce – trust you are well and enjoying the trails.

Our Thursday Night Rides are official in the sense that they take place each Thursday (during the good weather months), but the riding itself is unofficial. So to explain, there are not an official route, or not an official start time. Riders simply arrive from late afternoon and enjoy as they please. The deck area at present gets a bit social around 6h30 – 7 pm, when most folk will be done with their riding. However, should you have quality lights fitted to your bike, you will be allowed to enjoy the trails in the dark up to 9 pm for the utmost latest.

Hope the above answers your initial query, but feel free to reach out to us via mail, phone call or whatsapp bot.

Kindest regards

Morne Veer ([email protected])

All Trails are Closed!

Please stay off the trails due to damage and incoming rain.

Please Note!


Please note that all trails will be closed until further notice due to the latest heavy rains. We thank you for your understanding