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Groups to ride with


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  • Coeniebeyers


    I’ve recently joined and am looking for groups to join, where can I find starting times and locations for various groups? Alternatively, who can I reach out to or which whatsapp groups can I join to find groups to ride with?

  • Good morning

    I am also starting up again after my bout with Covid 6 months ago. I would also like to join a Saturday session. I have not cycled for the past 1 year due to covid that attacked my lungs.

    • Hi there. Why not join us on Saturday 9 Dec at 08:00. We riding from Protea Hotel Durbanville. I’ll be with the Beginners group.

      More details to follow

      • Any groups that you know of that ride on a Sunday morning, or in the week?

  • Myself and a bunch of mates ride each weekend, often back to back. We would be considered motivated amateur riders (also known as wannabees by some – lol). Rides on average will be 3 and a half to 4 hours of saddle time, and if on the local trails average around 1500 to 2000 elevation gain. Happy for fellow members with a love for zone 4 and 5 to tag along. A few big events around the corner for some, such as Attakwas and Imbuko Big 5, so plenty of training to do.

    • That sounds amazing! I can’t join this Saturday, but perhaps I can join part of the ride on the Sunday? I’m still waiting for my board to be ready for collection (I shouldn’t have selected hotel pickup) – but perhaps it will be there before end of today so that I can go riding on Sunday.

    • Hi, are you going out this Saturday? any chance I can join you for part of the ride?

  • Hi, Are there any groups out there that my son (15) can join on a Saturday ride? He is looking to do longer rides.

    • Hallo Shaun. There are two coaching companies that to our knowledge often head out for longer rides in groups. They are Velo World and Granny Gear. You will find all their information and contact details on their social channels – check them out and contact them directly with queries.

  • Is there any cost except the normal day tariff for the group rides, I’m a beginner and need to start somewhere.

    • Morning Michael – there are no further costs, as the group rides are an attempt at getting riders of same abilities to link up and share the fun together. Perhaps the only cost might be who buys the coffee on the next round :-)

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