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Hoogies Hammer shuttle day

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  • Slade

    I was wondering what the possibility is of having a shuttle day at Hoogekraal now that the bottom section of Hoogies Hammer has been redone as a sort of grand opening celebration?

    Would be great to have a solid few runs trying to get a bit more comfortable on all the bigger jumps without killing ourselves with all the climbing.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place. Didn’t know where else to request or suggest it.

  • Afternoon Slade

    Shuttle Days are not a regular event on our trails, but with the help of our friends at Reeds N1 City, we do now and then put these together.

    Will announce on our social media channels in this regard, once we do plan another one.

    Hoogekraal is indeed riding nicely at present with a fair amount of upgrade done there over the last few weeks.

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