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Solo or Group

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  • Denzilbart

    Solo or Group Riding, what is your preference? Do you prefer the solitude of the outdoors or the friendly banter of Group riding buddies? If yes for group, would you invite others to join you?

  • I enjoy both although group rides are best.

    Happy to invite others

    • Hi, yep groups are fun especially when the riders are on the same skill and fitness level or where riders are willing to wait and assist others.

      You should post your ride details in advance whether it’s the weekend or during the week and let’s see who joins you.

  • I enjoy a short solo ride in the week when time is limited, but on weekends without any doubt, group riding is where the fun lies. Important to link up with groups / riders of more or less the same ability. It could be frustrating to yourself and the others in group, if agendas and abilities are vastly different.

  • I ride and enjoy both, but riding with groups is always great.

    I should ride with groups more……

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