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Preferred Board Numbers

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I Want Number 789 911 123 999 100

How it works

Simply select your preferred board number on the membership application form. If you make no choice, the next available number will be assigned to you.

It should not be noted that we cannot guarantee the allocation of your preferred number as numbers are only assigned on the completion of payment. Therefore, two members could start the process at the same time with the same preferred board number selected with the member completing the process first being allocated the number.

Preferred board numbers attract a once-off admin fee of R250.

Allocated a different number?

In the unlikely scenario that you are allocated a different number to your preferred number – as described above – don’t worry. We’ll contact you to find an alternative preferred number.

Not (yet) for Dependents

The process is in BETA and does not yet cater for dependents. This includes children and spouses on the family membership and partners on the husband and wife membership. Only the primary member will be able to select their preferred number at present.