A new Dawn

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It’s a new dawn…..

Thrilled to announce our new logo, which is a fundamental step for any organisation. For us it showcases how we have evolved, and progressed in so many ways, and sets the tone for our future.

From birth in the mid 90’s, with about a dozen members, our annual membership base are now averaging around 7000 ! Seeing how our brand has developed and extended over the years, has far exceeded our expectations.

Our new logo is an exciting time in our history, which is rapidly closing in on 30 years. As we launch our new identity, we’re not just introducing a new logo, we’re welcoming a new colour palette. It surely resonates with current trends, but more importantly, each of the three unique colours have a distinct meaning and reference for the club.

We have grown to be a respected organisation and brand, known not only in South Africa, but also being referred to internationally. Our current positioning has been achieved as a result of an immense amount of voluntary work over almost three decades, by a variety of individuals. We pay homage to each one who has been part of our incredible journey thus far.

The updates here also sets the tone for another big reveal this coming Monday (4 September), so tune in again around mid-day, for further big news.

Welcome then to Tygerberg 2.0 – we look forward to serving you for MANY years to come!

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