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It’s Live!

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We are changing along with the sport and times, incorporating new technologies and ideas, to improve your Tygerberg adventure.

At our core we have always been about offering the best trail riding opportunities. This will always be the case, but the new website / platform will now allow us to provide other advantages and experiences. We have several add-ons and enhanced features in the pipeline, which we’ll be rolling out within the next few months.

Amongst others, the new platform allows us to significantly bolster our partners and rewards program, providing members with unique opportunities and great offerings. Our goal will be to provide more than just a riding experience, but a community experience with fellow members and partners.

As with all things new, a certain amount of adaption will be required. Memberships (for the balance of 2023), will be available to purchase from Thursday. Also towards the end of the week, existing members will be able to log in in to their existing accounts, and formulate their profile. This will with in future provide their own unique digi-card on their phone, to be used with our new extensive rewards & discount partners.

Some features to become available in the very near future include:

  • Downloadable GPX files to fitness device / phone / computer
  • Direct interactions with brand partners
  • Access to social rides and other club activities
  • Forums
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Direct Emergency Assist via ER24 / EMS
  • Bot communication

We’ll keep you updated as the mentioned enhancements are implemented. For now have a look and familiarize yourself with the new look & feel of the site and enjoy the content already available.

What a time to be a Tygerberg member – let’s keep on striving for greatness! www.tygerbergmtb.co.za

4 thoughts on “It’s Live!

    1. Hi Murray,

      Not quite :)

      We’re simply offering beginners and members without GPS devices the ability to find their way back. Simply open the map on the home page on your phone and click the ‘find my location’ button below the zoom buttons. The map will display your location relative to our trails and move with you.

      For advanced tracking, we recommend you use the services bundled with your device or opt to use the Strava service.

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