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2024 Memberships – Available from noon tomorrow

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Membership renewals and new purchases will be available from tomorrow.  No rush though, as current 2023 memberships still provides full access to all our trails and that of our affiliates, until the end of January 2024.

There are a host of new features, and more to roll out soon with regards to 2024 memberships. We have embraced technology and aligned ourselves with what is used by many parties to improve usage, experience, and also provide identification. The latter especially being of importance to our various Rewards Partners. Each member will have a “digi-card” on his / her profile which may have to be displayed to unlock their various savings and offers.  You can prepare yourself for this required process, by ensuring you have a profile image of yourself (no cycling helmet and sunnies please) between 600 and 900 pixels in width. Note there will be a crop / resize option to achieve this should your image be outside of these parameters.

Membership applications will now be fully automated and an online process only. We will still keep to our brisk turnaround time of having your membership board ready for collection within 3 working days. As with all things technology there might be some gremlins around when memberships go live, which we’ll closely monitor. However as mentioned, there’s no rush… you have till 31 January 2024 to get your membership.

Keep any eye out on the site tomorrow morning for more practical pointers on the processes to follow when applying for your new membership.

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