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Our WhatsApp Bot is now live! 

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Let’s start of by the most important – this is a Bot service with its own unique number, being 076 937 4395 – save this number on your phone’s contacts as TMTBC BOT.

The TMTBC Bot number does NOT replace the club’s primary number as listed on our website, etc – the primary contact telephone number remains unchanged.

WhatsApp Bot services provide members of companies and organisations a number of benefits and usages. In our case, we’ll enhance and add on more functionality in time, but happy to announce the first two very unique utilities:

  • Trail Maintenance Requests : 

These can now be done on the fly as you encounter any possible damage to a trail feature, fallen tree, missing route marker, broken fence / gate / lock or a section of trail you might feel requires care. 

The process is extremely user friendly which will take you less than 30 seconds. During the process you will be asked to submit the location by simply using the geo location – critical though, do NOT use “live” location, just send “current location”.  You will be asked to take an image of the problem encountered….and that is about it.  Our trail manager will receive the details immediately and take the required action.   

To commence the submission of a trail maintenance request, simply open WhatsApp on your phone, search for the saved contact (TMTBC Bot, but again, as per the opening line right at the top, FIRST ENSURE THE BOT NUMBER IS SAVED TO YOUR PHONE). Then all you do is type “hallo”….yip, that is it, told you it is that easy. 

  • ER24 Emergency Service : 

An exclusive offer for club members, we have partnered with ER24 Medical Services.  From the TMTBC Bot, you can activate an emergency request to ER24, by simply opening a conversation to the Bot typing “help”. 

The steps to follow is again extremely simple where once more your gps location will be sent to ER24 directly (do NOT use Live location, only current location).  One or two basic further options / questions will be posed to you via the Bot, and then you’ll receive a phone call from ER24 within 60 seconds to your cell phone, providing you with guidance, and information on the medical help they will be providing – be this ambulance, aerial support / evacuation etc. 

This medical service is not limited to injury on our trail network, but for any medical EMERGENCY requiring immediate and urgent intervention, be that at home, work, etc. 

It is CRITICAL to note that the ER24 Emergency Services is a “private” service and not a government service. As such it will carry charges, which medical aids cover (dependent on your exact medical aid plan /cover). Only use this service on two conditions. Firstly if it is truly an emergency, medical services are often required all over Cape Town, and should not be abused for minor injuries that could be dealt with differently.  Secondly, only make use of this service if you do in fact have medical cover or accept that you’ll be liable for costs of service. If not, please contact the provincial medical rescue services 021 937 0300.

TMTBC WHATSAPP BOT = 076 937 4395

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