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NAMEDSPORT> Superfood is a top brand in Italy for sports nutrition. The brand is full of energy and has quickly developed a wide range of supplements and sports foods. These products are made using advanced formulas created through research with a team of experts, including athletic trainers, sports doctors, scientists, physiotherapists, and nutritionists. What people really like about NAMEDSPORT> products, aside from the high-quality ingredients, is their natural character, which comes from the company’s philosophy. The name “Named” stands for Natural Medicine, and the brand has been around in Italy since 1988, always focused on the idea of natural well-being. Our products offer various sports supplements and foods carefully crafted for performance and well-being, featuring cutting-edge formulations and high-quality natural ingredients. NAMEDSPORT> sponsors all three major cycling tours: the Giro, TDF, and Vuelta.

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NAMEDSPORT> is the result of pure passion for sport and a long-term involvement in the field of natural medicine, with the aim of improving athlete’s knowledge of sports nutrition coupled with the best products we can produce.

The history of NAMEDSPORT> began in May 2014 when we formed a partnership with Named S.r.l., the leading Natural Medicine company in Italy, with the aim of producing products for sportspeople using the best raw materials & formulations available.


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Please stay off the trails due to damage and incoming rain.

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Please note that all trails will be closed until further notice due to the latest heavy rains. We thank you for your understanding