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10% off on our range of Ecoflow portable power solutions.

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To receive your Discount Code, email Nicky at the Tygerberg MTB Club Offices at: [email protected]

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We specialise in empowering homes with premium solar, backup and portable power systems, as well as state-of-the-art EV chargers. Rubicon offer a range of Ecoflow portable power solutions, with a further 10% off for Tygerberg MTB members. Find our portable solutions here: https://retail.rubicon.tech/

Rubicon offers access to high-quality products and skilled installers for hassle-free installation of smart energy solutions. Find out about our installed solutions here: https://www.rubicon.tech/pages/solar-backup

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T: +27 (0)80 782 4266


Rubicon is a vertically-integrated Sustainable Technology group. We provide end-to-end technical equipment, service and software solutions to Commercial and Residential clients.


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