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Home to the Dairy Shed and Starke Brews.


Full access for members.

Day permits are available at R70 from the Dairy Shed. An honesty box and SnapScan is available.


Sunrise to sunset.


There are a number of routes of varying technical difficulty. More soon!


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The perfect trail to finish your Contermans ride on before heading off to either the Dairy Shed or Brewery for a well-earned treat. This trail features flow, beautifully crafted corners, snappy little jumps and is suitable for all to really enjoy the fun.

A wonderful short and technical descent that is not quite as technical as the D/H trails but will still challenge your skills with a series of tight corners, fast sections, a large pallet jump and double after that, all the way down to the fabled and interesting rock garden that concludes the fun on this one.

This is the trail for you if you want to get to the bottom of the Contermans trails avoiding the more technical descents of Black Rhino 2 and the Kloof. A fabulous intermediate descent with the focus on cornering with a wonderful variation of corners of all kinds, as well as some sneaky jumps and some small rock gardens.

The main climb that starts at the bottom of the trails at the Dairy Shed that takes you all the way to the mast at the top of the trails and includes the feed offs to all the trails that you want to ride at Contermans. The first turn off is to the Green loop near the bottom of the climb, the second is halfway up the mountain, which takes you to Supertubes, the Freeride, Kloof, Black Rhino 2 and Cheeky Corners. Thereafter it’s the slog up the fabled concrete rd to the mast which takes you to the D/H trails, as well as Black Rhino 1 and also takes you into the neighbouring farms of Hillcrest and Bloemendal

A very steep, rocky and fairly technical climb that starts at the bottom of Happy Hops that takes you back up to the start of Black Rhino 1, should you wish to session Black Rhino 1, Black Rhino 2 and Happy Hops again. This climb is only for the strong and fit….. or those with E Bikes!

The extension to Black Rhino 1 that links you into Happy Hops. Although not quite as technical as Black Rhino 1, this trail is an absolute blast with its combination of beautiful corners, rock gardens, sublime jumps and the two medium size timber pallet jumps that guarantee you maximum smiles all the way down this one!

A fairly technical, white knuckled and interesting descent that feeds off D/H Mainline towards the top and features some technical rock gardens, steep, tight and rocky corners that does grab one’s full attention all the way down. Be careful of the rock garden as you bomb into the trail, but after that its hands off the brakes and full gas!!

This trail is another D/H option to the Mainline trail and starts at the first contour off the Mainline. It offers you very the same in terms of obstacles you face on Mainline and beware of a fairly large rock garden and drop off halfway down the trail, a very tight, steep and rocky section leading onto the large road gap that takes you onto the section that ends the trail. This trail will challenge your technical skills!

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Routes that Start here

Follow the markers from the parking area.

Conties Kloof & Bush Vine

Distance: 12km | Elevation Gain: 470m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Conties Black Rhino

Distance: 8km | Elevation Gain: 320m
Grading: Black / Difficult

Conties ST & CC

Distance: 11km | Elevation Gain: 300m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

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