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Fair Cape :

Pay R60 at Hoogekraal via the day permit seller, the honesty box, or the Snapscan/Zapper facility. Those wanting to enter the trails at East and West Fair Cape off Malanshoogte Rd, or Fair Cape East from Adderley Rd must pay R60 at the Snapscan/ Zapper facility at the entrance to all of these trails. There is no other form of payment here….. Either Snapscan/Zapper as you enter or no ride. Please maintain proof of payment on you.

Your R60 payment at any of the trail entrances, Hoogekraal, Fair Cape West and Fair Cape East off Malanshoogte Rd, or Vrymansfontein off Adderley Rd allows you access to all of the Fair Cape, Welvergenoegd and Hoogekraal trails for the day.

Hoogekraal and Welvergenoegd :

R60 at the trail centre honesty box at Hoogekraal or any of the Snapscan/Zapper facilities at Hoogekraal, Welvergenoegd or Fair Cape gives you full access to the Hoogekraal/Welvergenoegd and Fair Cape Trails. Please pay before you ride and retain proof of purchase on you.


Sunrise to Sunset.

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The iconic Hoogekraal descent and climb, which provides as test of your technical skills in the form of some tight corners and rocky sections that will test you riding ability. Be careful of a very rocky chute at the bottom of the trail, which leads you to a deserved rest at a beautifully placed resting bench at the bottom of the descent. The climb out back to the top of Hoogekraaalll Hill is a gentle, fairly easy meander also in the magnificent Renosterveld.

The original much ridden and much-loved central descent of the Conterman's trails, which snakes through the central section of the farm and is central to your Conterman's ride. Its an intermediate trail, consisting of a series of flowing corners, minor rock gardens and a lot of speed and fun!

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A very underrated and highly enjoyable piece of single track that includes a punchy little climb to start with, some fast-flowing flat sections, a shifty little descent and the iconic final climb out of Fair Cape up to Malanshoogte Rd. Be sure to stop off and take a breather on the benches at the beautifully built Kierriedraai monument halfway into the trail, built in memory of the doyen and father of the Fair Cape farms.

A gentle meander on smooth gravel roads which winds you through the Fair Cape farm, giving you a chance to stretch your legs, regain your breath and gain a few pain free kilometres in the peace and tranquillity of the wonderful farmlands surrounding you.

A gentle meander on smooth gravel roads which winds you through the Fair Cape farm, giving you a chance to stretch your legs, regain your breath and gain a few pain free kilometres in the peace and tranquillity of the wonderful farmlands surrounding you.

The queen descent of the Fair Cape trails and undoubtedly one of the most often ridden of all the trails on the TMTBC network, this descent full of flow and interesting features including two massive timber drop offs and much more fun along the way, is guaranteed to tick all the boxes in the book of the most highly enjoyable mountain bike descents.

The little climb from Malanshoogte road which takes you up to the start of the Fair Cape single track. Take in the splendour and beauty of the Fair Cape and adjacent farms as you crest the dirt road and warm up your legs and mind for the mind-blowing descent down into the Fair Cape farms that awaits you.

A hand built single track climb that links you from Patricks Plunge back to the top of Hoogekraal Hill, which completes the Welvergenoegd loop. This climb is set in the heart of the farms Renosterveld and is full of natural beauty, including extravagant spring flowers in the Spring season and also keep an eye out for the magnificent heard of wild Reindeer and Rhebok that frequently roam the surroundings of this climb. Here you are deep into the isolation and beauty of the TMTBC trail network.

The undoubted Queen descent of the Welvergenoegd trails, skilfully crafted by trail guru Bennet Nel, this is one white knuckled descent built for thrill. Nothing too technical on this trail, but it is unique with all its features built to blend in with the magnificent landscape provided by the farm and large elevation loss, meaning there is no need for very much cranking here, just pure thrills and satisfaction on this masterpiece of a descent.

A beautiful section linking the end of Trail Z descent to Patrick's Plunge, which meanders gently next to the Diep River under the shade of Willow and other indigenous trees. Here you can stop, rest, chill and charge your legs whilst taking in the splendour of the abundant bird and wildlife in the area as you prepare for the climb up to Patrick's Plunge.

The fist descent from the top of Hoogekraal Hill down to the Diep River on the pristine Welvergenoegd farm, which marks the start of your Welvergenoegd loop. This descent is long, fast and fun, full of sneaky corners, subtle jumps, features and flow. You will reach the Diep River with a smile on your dial and endorphins on full power after this one!

The original climb built in 2012 that takes you out of Beware Alley all the way to the top of Hoogekraal Hill. This is a medium climb that snakes through pristine Renosterveld at the back of Hoogekraal Hill and gives you wonderful views of Table Mountain and Table Bay to ease the pressure on your legs!

The newest edition to the Hoogekraal trials. Built by master builder Duran van Eeden, this is a proper, extremely fast flow trail consisting of rollers, tabletops, step ups, step downs, singles, doubles and even triples. Over 1.8km long, this trail is one of the longest flow trails in the land. You will need to ride this beauty more than just once in order to discover its subtle innuendos and flow that make this trail a must ride and very much on your bucket list.

The exhilarating final descent that completes your Hoogekraal ride from the top of Hoogekraal Hill down to the car park is a blast of fun with beautiful flowing corners, some tricky technical sections, including the fabled “Widowmaker steps” and a wonderful fast flowing section next to the ravine to finish off your ride.

Named after the fabled Mike Goodwin, who built the large drop at the end of this trail and the timber roller leading into the trail this is a tough, but exhilarating little descent that leads you directly onto the top of the Gorge descent, should you want to cut out the Gorge climb. Be careful of a small drop off, a tricky rock garden and of course the technically challenging drop off at the end.

A tough but very rewarding little piece of singletrack, starting with a small, punchy climb up to the top of the gorge, that then swings you into a little gem of a descent, full of well-crafted tabletops and corners as well as a very steep drop-off halfway down the descent. The trail ends off with a link into the fun filled Beware Alley and the start of the Puffer Climb.

Routes that Start here

Follow the markers from the parking area.

Hoogies, WV & Fair Cape

Distance: 34km | Elevation Gain: 890m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Hoogies Welvergenoegd

Distance: 18km | Elevation Gain: 560m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Hoogies The Hammer

Distance: 4km | Elevation Gain: 157m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Full Hoogies Experience

Distance: 13km | Elevation Gain: 420m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Fair Cape Loop

Distance: 11km | Elevation Gain: 230m
Grading: Blue / Moderate

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